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Photo: Kevin MacCormack

Liliona Quarmyne Headshot 300dpi James MacLean.jpg


My body is a conduit, a link to past and to future generations.  It takes me back,

it takes me forward, it carries the present. 

My body is story.

Liliona (she/her) lives and works in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), on the powerful, unceded and unsurrendered land of the Mi'kmaq people. Originally from Ghana and the Philippines, via several other places, she has an eclectic background and a diverse set of trainings and experiences. As a result, she wears many hats – choreographer, dancer, actor, singer, community organizer, and facilitator. Liliona’s work stems from the idea of the body as story - an ever shifting, layered meeting place of moments and memory that is in constant conversation with time, space, land, and other bodies. Liliona sees her body as a link to past and to future generations. She choreographs and performs across Canada and internationally, creates original works dance and theatre works as an independent artist, facilitates arts and social justice community programming, and is an experienced curator and Artistic Director. Her scope of work is broad, but is particularly focused on the relationship between art and social justice, on the body’s ability to carry ancestral memory, and on the role the performing arts can play in creating change. Liliona loves to work in collaboration and community, and is Mom to two wonderful kids.

Photo: James MacLean

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